How do I access my Myspace inbox?

I am supposed to receive a few messages from my buddies, however i can’t seem to access my MySpace inbox. Any clues on how to do that?

Expecting a message from a friend? Checking your mail on MySpace is fairly easy.

1. Login to
2. On the home page click “Inbox” under the “My Mail” section.
3. You will notice a list of messages (if you have any).
4. Any new messages will say “Unread.”

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  1. Tycie says:

    Where do I find My Space buddy sounds?

  2. Tycie says:

    I need buddy sounds for my space IM

  3. eduardo says:

    why can’t i send messages

  4. patrice says:

    my messages reach my inbox but thats it. why cant i read them?

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