Hide orange text in MySpace 1.0

Code to hide the orange text in your MySpace profile


Mariana asked us the following: How do i hide the orange texts on my MySpace profile?


Thanks for your question. If you would like to hide the orange text on MySpace (which precedes the Blurbs, Friends and Comments sections) , i would recommend that you grab the required CSS code from the widget below (by hitting the Copy button):

Alternatively, you can implement the code manually:

/* hide Orange text on MSpace */

If you would like also to hide the orange bars, please take a look at the the hide orange bars on MySpace tutorial.

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  1. dani says:


    i really want to know how to edit the text inside the orange section banners.

    not hide them.

    just change what is in them.

    any help pleaseee! :)

  2. tiny! says:

    OMG! this was quick and easy! i love it! thnxz!

  3. katy says:

    i was wondering how you um get ride of the orange bar form your about me on your myspace profile thanks alot.

  4. kelsy says:

    how you i hide my Interests world and ect.

  5. Mykel says:

    this should help (:

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