How can i access my Twitter account content at school or work?

1)Use the IP address of Twitter

The best way to access Twitter when it is blocked is to open it with its IP address. This simple method  should be able to get on Twitter as long as the filtering software blocks sites with URL. IP address that can be used to access Twitter is


2)Tweet via SMS

One way to get connected to Twitter is to enable SMS notifications in Twitter. Customize the Settings ,add your device and connect it to Twitter. You can now send tweets via SMS and receive tweets of those people in Twitter you want to be notified about. Click on the phone icon in the profile page of the users whom you want to be notified about.


3)Use G+ Twitter for Google+

This is a Google+ extension to access Twitter in Google Chrome.  G+ Twitter for Google+ lets you tweet inside Google+ with link support. You can tweet, share your Google plus posts in Twitter, retweet (RT) and reply to your tweets. It provides a real Timeline search for Twitter within Google+.


4)Use short URL services

Another way to access Twitter, if it is not blocked with its IP address, is to shorten its URL and use that in the browser to access Twitter. You can use mooURL shorten the URL of the sites.

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