How to insert BCC recipients to Outlook 2013 outgoing Email?

Yesterday, one of my friends asked me about how to add a blank carbon copy (BCC) entry in Outlook 2013. Here’s my answer:

  • Launch Outlook 2013. Hit the Options button.
  • Now hit on BCC.
  • From now on, you’ll have the option of adding BCC recipients to all your Outlook 2013 outgoing email.

More tips :

The solution above assumes you would like to have the BCC entry for all your email. This might be less convenient as it grabs some screen real estate which you might need, specially when working with low resolution monitors. If you would like to add a BCC for one Email only, follow these steps:

  • From your New Email page, hit on CC.
  • Now use the address entry dialog to set your BCC recipients; which you can type or pick from your Contacts or Global Address List.

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