How to add your contacts as friends in Google Plus?

A friend of mine recently became addicted to the new Google+. Now, he wants to add all his friends from his mail list, Facebook and LinkedIn to Google +

If you are looking for a solution like him, the following will help you.

Adding E-mail Friends

This is relatively easy.

  • First of all, log in to your Google+ account.
  • Then go to the Circles button in your navigation menu.
  • Google+ will automatically find all your Gmail contacts and it will list them under the Find and Invite tab.
  • If you want to import your Yahoo or Hotmail contacts, you can select that option under the Find and Invite tab.
  • You will have to authenticate the following screen and after that, all your Hotmail or Yahoo contacts will be listed out.
  • From that, you can select the people whom you want to add.

Adding Facebook/ Linked In Contacts

As of today, you cannot directly add your Facebook or LinkedIn friends to Google+. So, here’s a neat workaround that you can use:

  • If you don’t have a Yahoo or Hotmail account, create one. If you have it, leave this step.
  • I’m explaining using Hotmail for ease. The similar process is applicable in Yahoo too.
  • On the homepage of Hotmail, click contacts.
  • Then click Manage tab and select Import option.
  • Now, it will show a host of third part websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace from which you can import contacts to Hotmail.
  • Select the needed service and authenticate the next step by giving the username and password of that particular service.
  • Now, you have linked your Facebook or LinkedIn contacts to your mail account
  • Now, go back to Google+ and go to the circles page.
  • In that, select Hotmail option and Google+ will connect to your Hotmail account which currently has all your Facebook/LinkedIn contacts.
  • From that, you can easily add your friends to Google+

If the person you specify is not already a part of Google+, it will prompt you and automatically send an invite to that person.


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