How do I add my relationship status and anniversary to my Facebook timeline?

With all those new changes in Facebook and the introduction of  Timeline, there are many questions that arise about managing information on Facebook. One such question that is asked often is adding or changing one’s relationship status and his/her anniversary date  to the Timeline. This post explains how to update the same in the Timeline.

To change the relationship status :

  • Log into your Facebook account and open your Timeline by clicking on your name on the right top of the page.
  • Click on Update Info on the timeline just below the cover picture.

  • Locate Relationships and Family box in the page that opens.
  • Click on Edit.
  • You can find a column Relationship status with a drop down list.

  • You can now select a status from the drop down list.  To add a partner, type their name in the field that opens. That person needs to confirm to approve the relationship.
  • Click on Save and your relationship status is now changed.

To add anniversary date :

  • Open your timeline and find the status update box.
  • Search for an icon that says Family and Relationships and click on it.

  • Select Got Married/Got Engaged in the drop down list.

  • A popup window now opens.


  • Add the name of your partner by typing their name in the Married To field. The person needs to confirm to approve the relationship.
  • Set your anniversary date in the When field. You can also add Location, Story and an optional Photo.
  • After setting the visibility, click on Save. Your anniversary date is now added to your timeline.

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