Blogging tip: How to exclude a WordPress category from your RSS feed?

A few days ago I emphasized the usefulness of excluding certain categories from your WordPress blog. Today I would like to show you how you can easily remove some of your blog categories from your RSS feed and email subscription. This feature is quite useful, as it allows you to manipulate your feed and customize it for your different audiences.For example: You create two or more feeds for your blog: in one feed you can deliver Windows tricks and in the other Blogging tips.

The gist of it is quite simple. First, go to your WordPress management tools and grb the ID of the categories you would like to remove from your feed. Then navigate to Feedburner and go to the your feed details. Edit your feed details and add the categories you would like to exclude from your feed. In the example below, I excluded categories 28 and 29 from my feed:



 I used the aforementioned method with Feedburner, which I use in order to manage my feed, although my understanding is that it works with other RSS feed management tools.

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  1. shortship says:

    I was always under the impression that you couldnt pass more than one http GET request param of the same name, else standard $_GET[] in php wouldnt be able to pick them both up… very odd.. guess you learn something new everyday.

  2. Are you sure that it works? No luck here :\
    And I’ve just used as a plugin.

  3. Trojan USC says:

    I know it works as an inclusion (=28) but I didn’t know it worked as an exclusion as well (=-28) ..

  4. I’ve been asked to join a science blogging group but the folks would like me to give them a feed with only my science posts. Is there a way in WordPress to create a feed from just a single category?

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