How to change your personal information in Gmail?

Gmail seems to be the most widely used mail service in the Internet. From  lots of emails we receive, we know our our readers use and love it (we too!).  Today's tip is about how to change our personal info in Gmail. This might happen in many occasions, from getting married to just changing the display name in our outgoing messages to something funny.

For those out there who do not know how to change your personal information on your profile, this is how you should do it:

Login to Gmail. You will be taken to your inbox.

Look to the top right corner of the screen. You will be able to see your email address along with a few buttons out of which “Sign out” is the one you most commonly use. Click on the link which says Settings.


 How to change your personal information on Gmail  - Gmail Home


The Settings page is not so difficult to access and most people would have used it to create filters, enable IMAP access etc. You cannot change your personal information here, but you can access the page which leads to what you want here. Click on Accounts and Import tab. In the bottom of the settings panel, you will be able to see a field named Change Account Settings. To the right of it, click on the Google Account Settings.



How to change your personal information on Gmail  - Settings Page

The Accounts page is where you can customize your Google Account and all the sites in which you use it. In the top of the page, you will be able to see two tabs, Profile and Personal Settings. Using these two options you can change the personal information present in your Google Account. You can click on the Change Password, Change Password Recovery Options to manage information about your password. On the left, near your profile picture, there is a link called Edit Profile. Click on it.


How to change your personal information on Gmail  - Accounts Page


The profile page is where you’ll find most of the basic personal information about your account. By default, most of it is empty, which means that you need to fill them to make better use of your Google Account. Fill in all the fields you want to and save the information and your profile will be updated. This page can also be used to manage your photos and your contact information.


How to change your personal information on Gmail  - Profile page

That's it. Stay tuned for more great Gmail tips and tricks.

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