How to change a picture’s caption in Instagram?

The other day, I was trying to change the caption of one of my photos in Instagram. To my surprise, i didn’t found a simple option to edit the caption. Instagram adds your caption as a comment, and you cannot edit it.

So, I was thinking about the other options and I’d like to share my ideas with you. The following are the alternatives that I’d suggest for editing caption in Instagram.

  • Delete the caption and comment your new caption. As Instagram treats caption as a comment, you can delete it and add your new caption as a comment.  So that whenever a user opens your photo he would be able to get information about the photo from the comments. To delete the caption,tap on “comments” and swipe right-to-left across the caption and you’ll get the delete option.
  • Delete the picture and re-post with new caption.  delete your old Instagram post and re-post your pic with the new caption.




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