How to change Pinterest board titles?

Here’s a question from one of the readers:

Hey, can you please tell me how I can change board names in pinterest?


Thanks for the question. Seems everyone is on Pinterest today – if you still do not own one, here’s how to get yourself an account. Pinterest users get to create virtual pin boards to which they can add or ‘pin’ images and categorize these pin boards according to their whims. Today we’ll see how you can easily change the title of your board names. This is pretty easy as you can see below:

  • Log in to your Pinterest account and place your mouse cursor on your user name that you find at the top right of your Pinterest home page.

    • Now from the drop down menu select the Boards option.


    • Now click on the Edit button on the board whose name you wish to change.


    • Now in the Title option that you find, input the new name and select Save settings.


    You have now successfully changed the Pinterest board name!

    Hope this helps!

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