How to set an Outlook away message?

Here’s a question we got the other day:

I am going for a 6 months paid leave time from work in a couple of weeks and was wondering how could i set an auto-responder on Outlook letting people know that i will be away for some time and pointing them to the relevant people to contact during my absence.Thanks in advance.

Provided your office runs an Exchange server, the process should be a no-brainer. Here’s the procedure you would like to follow (for simplicity i explained it using Outlook 2013, but with minor changes it’s applicable to Outlook 2010 and 2007 as well):

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook, then hit the File command on your main toolbar.
  • The Account Information view will open up.
  • Press the Automatic Replies button
  • Now write the content of your away message. You might want to specify different messages for recipients within or without your company.
  • One you’ll be back in six months, don’t forget to turn off the auto-responder.


Have lots of fun!

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