D3dx9_30.dll is missing when installing video games

Yesterday, while trying to install the pretty cool PES 2011 demo on my new Windows 7 PC, i came across the following error message box:

D3dx9_30.dll error message

Luckily i quickly remembered this error from previous installations and realized that i haven't loaded DIrectX on my new PC. If you haven't heard about DirectX, it can be defined as the technology that enables running video games in a Microsoft base computer or device. Long story short, i headed to the DirectX 9.0 installation page, downloaded and installed the latest version of DirectX which allowed me to get rid of the D3dx9_30.dll error.

Just wanted to share that with you guys. Enjoy Pro Evolution soccer!

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  1. boby says:

    hey,then what?is it just like that?dont have to reinstall?can you tell me please

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