How to solve the D3dx9_41.dll is missing or not found error in FIFA 12?

Here’s a question from one of our subscribers :

I installed FIFA 12 in my PC and it was running quite well for a while. But now all of a sudden I get this weird error out of nothing “D3dx9_41.dll missing” and I dunno how to fix it. I want to get back to playing badly but this error stands in my way. Please help me in getting rid of it.

Thanks for bringing that up. We have addressed similar problems from a range of users all over the world and solving this is not that difficult. Here is how you can fix it :

This error generally occurs when that particular DLL file is corrupted or when your version of Direct X is outdated. Either way, the solution is the same.

  • Reinstall the version of DirectX which you have at present. You can update your version with Microsoft’s Direct X Installer.
  • After doing so, restart your system.
  • That’s it. Now run FIFA 12 as usual. You won’t see that error anymore.

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