How to prevent “D3DX9_49.dll is missing” error from appearing?

Here’s a question from one of our readers:

Whenever I try opening a game on my Windows PC, I’m getting an error that says ‘D3DX9_49.dll is missing’ and the game does not load at all. Please tell me how to prevent this from happening for a better gameplay experience?

Thanks for the question. This dll file in question is used when you open an application that uses DIrectX, when the file is missing or corrupt the program does not load and you see the message instead. Here’s how you can fix it.


A simple restart solves this error in many cases. Just restart your PC and try loading the game again – there’s a good chance that you won’t get this error anymore. If you still have the issue, read on.

Reinstall DirectX:

If the problem isn’t fixed after you restarted the  PC, then we’ll have to reinstall DirectX. Download DirectX installer from here. Restart the PC after you install DirectX and try opening the game. It should solve the problem in most cases.

Reinstall the Application:

This is the final step, if try reinstalling the game which doesn’t load and restart the PC again. See if it works now.

If nothing I’ve suggested works, there’s probably something wrong with the Windows installation or your are infected by a virus. Install a reputed antivirus software and scan your PC to eliminate any doubts you may have.

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