How to delete your MSN account ?

A simple procedure for discontinuing your Hotmail / Live mail account..

Wandering around at some PC forums , i saw that many people are concerned about how to delete MSN Hotmail accounts (now Live Mail).

A few caveats before you decide to delete your Live mail account:

  1. The MSN account is also commonly used as a Microsoft Passport, which grant you access to Live Messenger, MSDN (if you are a developer), newsgroups and communities etc'.
  2. If you close your account, someone can potentially open a new account with the same name, thus actually taking over your email identity.
  3. Before you go on and delete your MSN account, grab your list of contacts and update them that your MSN email address won’t be active any more (remember, mail might reach your MSN account without you be able to read them). Don't forget to update them about your new email address.

There are two ways to terminate your account:

  1. Delete the MSN account:
    • Click Help on any Hotmail page.
    • Type Close Account in the keyword search section of the Help screen.
    • Click the Close Your Hotmail Account tip within the Help screen.
    • Click the Close Account link that is highlighted in blue.
    • Click Close Account 
  2. Inactivate your MSN account: In this case all you need to do is stop using Hotmail. After 30 days your MSN account becomes inactive, and after 90 days the MSN or Live passport becomes inactive as well.

My recommendation to you is to choose the second way, that is not to drop or close the MSN account for good, but just to inactivate it. I believe that the potential risk of having someone taking over your account and ruining your online reputation is too high to overlook.


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  1. preety says:


    this is very good and very helpful, but i’m still confused about something. After you delete your or “close” your hotmail account, you can no longer receive emails on that account, right? and when anyone tries to it just says “it could not be sent to so and so hotmail…blah blah”….well you can STILL sign on your MSN MESSENGER with that account email and password…how can I delete the account so it doesn’t exist at all! Meaning it doesn’t exist for my hotmail no one can send me emails and I can’t use it to sign in either…how???


    can you PLEASE PLEASE email me and tell me how?

  2. samponny says:

    i dont wish to receieve any more mails to my address hence i wish to close the account with immediare effect thks.

  3. katy says:

    im trying to delete my msn account.
    wht is a hotmail page?

  4. rachael..x says:

    im trying to delete my msn account.
    wht is a hotmail page?

  5. abby says:

    I want my msn account gone and when i tryed to delete it the only thing that is deleted is my hotmail ..i want it all gone , I have a new account and dont’t want anything from the old one …no emails or messages … Please how do I get rid of all of it !???

  6. tim says:

    delete my msn

  7. raz says:

    i want to get rid of my msn but how shall i do it please tell me!!!!

  8. daniel says:

    ive tried all these and none of them will work on my computer hotmail is causing problems with my relationship and i would like to completly terminate the account can somebody please help me before it goes to far and i loose her forever x

  9. neriza says:

    hi i need your help pls. how can i deactivate the link or to run my friendster on my computer temporarily? coz this is my personal computer and theres alot of bussiness transaction here and my cousin keep on using it just to open her friendster and she is giving ne a hard time looking and cleaning my table after she used it. i appreciate your help, thanks alot.

  10. MARY says:

    Thank you for sharing this with all the people. I,did not know
    about the 30 day disconection on msn or hotmail accounts.Some one can get into your acount like that.
    Thanks so much for this web page. Your excellent. you recive 4
    stars if not more….

  11. david says:

    i want to delete my msn

  12. josephine pohl says:

    I left MSN because my delete button would not function. I would like to transfer my address book to yahoo, but apparently my password is no longer acceptable. Please advise.

  13. jess says:

    i am trying to delete my WHOLE account but i cant even find the right link to click on!! please help me!!

  14. boby lee says:

    how do you delete the actual msn messenger program, if i delete it from the desktop it goes to the recycle bin and stays there but you cant delete it from there and it still pops up every single time i log in, its so annoying!!! please e-mail me if you REALLY know how to do it at ty

  15. spillkill says:

    there is no help button on my hotmail pages, none of them :/

  16. would like my msn email deleted please

  17. nie says:

    how do i forward all my old messages to a new hotmail account. i don’t want to forward one by one because it takes too long.

  18. jasmine says:

    hello u have clear intruction but i cant find close your acount link can u plz help!

  19. ANN says:

    how do i delete my msn please help me as none of the help button work they go around in circle

  20. chebet too says:

    want to delete my account completely

  21. chaka says:

    Can you help me to delete account hotmail I don’t want use any more

  22. Josh says:

    I have a more relevant question…why are the people who comment on these pages so freaking stupid? My God…it sounds like some barely got through Kindergarten! But ey, that’s the internet, right?

    The solutions covered by this article are plain and simple enough for pretty much anyone to understand. Simple solution: if you want your MSN account eliminated…just don’t login to it for about 90 days, then you’re free. However, if you login just once in that time, well you gotta start all over again. Pretty simple logic…doi. The button for deleting your account is quite easy to find, seeing as you don’t really need to click any button at all anyway. Don’t login to your hotmail/MSN/Live account by any means. After 90 days, poof!

    Also, great site ya got here! Too bad it seems that there’s so many spammers doing their rounds here.

  23. bailey dunn says:

    can you delete my email plzz i cant find the link

  24. Alan Murphy says:

    I want to delete my MSN Messenger account but I still want to keep me email address. By deleting MSN Messenger will that delete my email address?
    Can you please respond to my email.

    Thank you,
    Alan :)

  25. Gili says:

    @Alan: No it will not.

  26. sabrina says:

    i want my msn deleted

  27. Please cdancel my account…

  28. Nathan says:

    How do you  delete your msn??

  29. Emma says:

    Thank you so much for those instructions, it was a nightmare trying to get rid of this account. Thanks for the help!

  30. ayesha says:

    i want to delete my msn account so i dont want to sign back on there. i dont want to delete the messenger itself

  31. Stork says:

    Do you know how you can delete MSN messenger from my computer? Although i have a windows live messenger account i don't use it, so i want to get rid of Messenger..

  32. no says:

    I want to delete my MSN Messenger account but I still want to keep me email address. By deleting MSN Messenger will that delete my email address?
    Can you please respond to my email.

  33. no says:

    i want to delete my msn account

  34. Paul says:

    if i delete my msn acount can i still use my e-mail address as normal for my hotmail please get in touch asap

  35. I am tired of trying to change the text from when someone is using my account and changing the text on me from english to arabia or some greek name

  36. Ararat says:


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