15 great Facebook tips for advanced users

Today’s Facebook tips and tricks roundup aims to help you improve your Facebook experience by using some nifty browser add-ons. We will mainly focus on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome extensions that can help you transform your Facebook profile’s look and feel and add extra functionality to it.

1.       Preview Bigger Pictures:

Isn’t it annoying to have to click on a thumbnail on Facebook to view the larger picture? Facebook Photo Zoom gets rid of this annoyance, once you install this nifty browser extension, all you have to do is hover over those thumbnail previews to view a larger version of the picture. This feature is available for Chrome and Firefox users. Get the Photo Zoom extension for Chrome | Firefox

2.       Get Smooth Edges for everything on Facebook:

Facebook looks good, but, rounded edges of pictures, dialog boxes will make it look even better. If you use Google Chrome, The Facebook Rounder extension takes care of making the edges look better.

3.       Get notified even when out of Facebook:

If you are a hard-core Facebook addict, this extension will help you take it further. Facebook Notify, a Chrome extension shows up notifications on Facebook on your browser even when you are surfing something else.

4.       Get an Overall Better Facebook Experience:

Though there are many extensions for various aspects you may want, Better Facebook (an extension) improves the overall experience of Facebook. This extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

5.       Tag your friends and pages on your Facebook updates:

We all tag photos of friends on Facebook, but have you tagged them in your status updates? All you have to do is type ‘@’ followed by their first name and click on the appropriate person’s name in the list of suggestions below. You can do the same to tag pages. Tagging will help others to directly land into the particular person’s profile by just clicking on the name.

6.       Post your Facebook status update from Twitter:

Many of us update our status on Twitter more frequently when compared to Facebook. Therefore, It’ll be very convenient to post the occasional Facebook update from Twitter itself. All you are required to do is add a #fb tag at the end of a tweet which you desire to post on Facebook and the Selective Tweets app will selectively post your tweet on Facebook.

7.       Use Facebook Chat outside of Facebook:

If you face issues with your Facebook chat, or if you want to get all your Instant message communication managed from a single place, you might want  try services such as Meebo, Pidgin, Digsby, Nimbuzz, eBuddy, etc.

8.       Changing your Facebook theme:

Who said Facebook doesn’t have themes? There are umpteen themes available for users of Chrome and Firefox, but the only catch is that those themes will not be visible for other users browsing your profile. You might want to use a Greasemonkey script to change your Facebook profile background.

Alternatively, use the following themes for Chrome and Firefox to get your profile theme a new look:

Chrome: Facebook Theme, Facebook Styler

Firefox: Facebook Style, Facebook Blue

9.       Get a Dislike button & more options:

The SocialPlus! Extension for Google Chrome helps you get a dislike button, Facebook emoticons, enhanced keyboard navigation and more in your Facebook profile.

10.   Block Facebook with Facebook Disconnect:

Okay, now if you are too much into Facebook and are looking for some time to do other work, Facebook Disconnect extension will do wonders for you. It will disable all aspects on Facebook on the web, including Sharing on Facebook, liking a page on Facebook from another website, etc.

11.   Invite all your friends at once:

When you are suggesting a page or inviting friends to an event, you will have to manually select their names. If you choose to invite all of them the Facebook Invite All Extension for Chrome is your tool of choice.

12.   Change the default sound on Facebook Chat:

Hate the ‘click’ sound on Facebook chat? The FaceSounds extension for Chrome will give you more options.

13.   Watch Facebook Videos in Full-Screen:

Watching Facebook videos in Full-screen isn’t possible; The Facebook Full-screen Video extension does the trick!

14.   Secure your Facebook session:

Facebook usually loads in HTTP, if you’d like more security the Facebook Secure Connection extension for Chrome will help you force either HTTPS/SSL (Secured Socket Layers) when using Facebook. Several of our users reported that this a greet method that you can use insted of a web proxy to access Facebook when it is blocked.

15.   Facebook toolbar for IE/Firefox

If you aren’t keen on installing all these extensions and if you use IE, the Facebook Toolbar will get you some additional features.

OK, so those were some nice Facebook browser tips for advanced users. Are you aware of other tips and tricks for FB? Feel free to share it with us by posting a comment.

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