FIFA 08 controls

Where to find a simple guide to FIFA 2008 controls?


I am a bit in doubt about FIFA 08 controls. Can you refer me to the complete list of PC keyboard controls for FIFA 2008?


As far as the game controls are concerned, the 2008 edition is quite consistent with previous EA Sports FIFA versions.

I found a nice manual of FIFA PC keyboard keys over at FileFront (in Microsoft Word format). Although the manual was written for 2007, its instructions are fully applicable to FIFA 08 as well.

For those of you that are interested in more than the basics, i would recommend to watch the FIFA 2008 keyboard controls and FIFA 2008 joystick controls video clips.


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  1. Yeah i gave them a try and they are applicable to 2008.

  2. James says:

    hey, i’m a big fifa fan but i’ve bene playing fifa on xbox for the last few years and while on fifa 07 and below on xbox, i am able to change between controls that ppl who play on ps2 or ps3 are used to while at the same time i can play on the usual xbox control where the main difference is that on the xbox controller, the pass button is also used to change the players while on the ps version, i have to press the L1 or L2 version. on Fifa 08 on ps3, i can’t seem to change it and i’m having a shit load of problems adapting. can someone help me here?

  3. Raj says:

    Yes I also tried and they are working…

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