FIFA 08 Joystick controls

FIFA 2008 is on the shelves and it’s time for you to polish up your skills. Here’s a new video released by Electronic Arts, which i spotted over at YouTube. I’ll suggest you take a look at it, as it has almost all useful tricks for FIFA 08.

Here’s the link: FIFA 08 Joystick Controls

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  1. chuck says:

    thanks a million times for this tutorial now i can enjoy my fifa 2008 to the fullest

  2. Uzbek says:

    Hi, I have a question for you,

    would a good PC + a joystick be a good alternative for a PS3? I don’t know if I should buy a joystick or PS3 – is playing with a joystick good enough?


  3. damaso says:

    hey, thanks for this wonderful video fifa 2008 tutorial.

    im just wondering on how to use the analog joysticks cause iv’e been using it and it seems the tricks doesnt go. But when i use my keyboard every tricks is just fine. Do i have to enable something or what?


  4. Ronaldinho is the best, i have no doubt.

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