FIFA 09 System Requirements

One of our readers sent me a note a few days ago asking whether based on our previous coverage of FIFA 2008, i could estimate the FIFA 2009 system requirements.

If i rely on last year’s course of events, i foresee that the FIFA 2009 Demo will be released sometimes during August, and then we will be able to publish the official FIFA 2009 system requirements for PC. Until then you can look into the FIFA 2008 system requirements, that will provide a rough estimation of what it’ll take to run FIFA 09. I suggest that you give special attention to the supported video cards, as that was the main system compatibility issue in previous versions.

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  1. Lampard says:

    system reqirementes:
    processor:1.8 Ghz
    video card:128 mg
    memory:512 mg of ram
    6 gb avabile hard

  2. jag says:

    i have a amd 64x 2.2ghz processor with 2 gb ram and geforce7300gt graphic card …. can it support fifa 09

  3. Pnjk gt says:

    yeah dude….u can play 09.but u face some stuck when playing game. i has 1 GB video card.i play smoothly.but my friend has 512 MB.He has stuck on videos that plays when we GOAL.or Foul Etcc…
    ur grfx card is 256 mB,right??
    hope fully

  4. rht1993 says:

    i have 640mb ram and 128mb geforce 4 series garpic card.will fifa 09 work?and wat other games will work?

  5. haroon says:

    i have 779mhz processor,386mb of ram and 64mb nvidia 3d card can it support fifa o9

  6. basit says:

    i have 1 gb ram 2.6ghz singlecore processer sapphire hd 2400 pro grafic card did it suppot fifa 09 and fifa 2010

  7. ankit says:

    i have 128 mb graphic card of intel and core 2 duo and 1 gb ram

    i can play o9 plz reply me

  8. hassaan says:

    yeah dude ofcourse it will work on ur pc. depends on ur vga card if it is not built in.

  9. Erion says:

    I have 1.6 Ghz ,  Ram 512 mb,  Video Card 256 mb,  free space 20.8 gb and I can play fifa 2009

  10. shubham says:

    I have 786 mb of ram, 64 mb graphics shader. will it be able to support FIFA 09 ?
    Reply me on my e-mail id.

  11. faizan says:

    my cpu pentium 4 proccer 2.5 ghz , ram 1gb ,3d card 128 mb. hard disk space 12 gb i can paly fifa 09

  12. Mohsin says:

    I have 2.66ghz proccer ,ram 1gb ,3d card 256mb fx 5500.can I play fifa 09

  13. adnani says:

    I have pc with 512 mb ram 2.4 ghz memory:96 mb can i play fifa 9 please reply meeeeeee

  14. SWAPNIL PANDEY says:

    I have a 2.66 ghz quad proccessor and 3gb graphic card. can i play fifa 09

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