New: Tactical Defending in FIFA 2012

Here’s a query from one of our subscribers :

The terrific buzz which surrounds FIFA 12 and its new features amazes me big time. Among them, I found this tactical defending thing very interesting, but I don’t have any idea about how it is going to be this time around. Guys, please enlighten me.

Thanks for bringing that up. Well indeed there are a lot of new features that are going to be introduced to FIFA this time around with the most significant change being the tactical defense. Let’s have a brief look at it.

Normal Defending :

With the previous versions of FIFA, defending is simple. We just have to hold the sprint button along with either pass or shoot to toggle between the first and second defender. But this time doing so will just get your defender close to your opponent who is possessing the ball. You will have to press the shoot button in addition to this in order to win the ball.

This one is just so cool as it gives room for one more feature introduced this time which is known as precision dribbling. While performing the sliding tackle is very similar to what we did in the previous versions.

Jockeying(Normal and Double) :

Jockeying the opponent

This jockeying feature is very new to FIFA and I would say that this thing has just added a new dimension to the whole defensive setup of FIFA. With jockeying, your player is gonna stay put with the opponent who is possessing the ball and it prevents him from progressing further into your box. This can be done by holding the LT button.

Despite, it’s also possible to call in a second defender for help so that you pile up more pressure to your opponent who will now be surrounded by 2 defenders. This one is called double jockeying and it can be done by holding the LT and RT buttons together.

Apart from these, containing a player with the possession of the ball is the same. Just that you can’t win the ball everytime only by containing. You will have to press to attain possession which is so cool and this makes the whole display a lot more realistic. And that’s all about the Tactical defending feature.


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