EA Sports FIFA 2008 useful keyboard tricks

The most useful and popular FIFA 08 keyboard tricks and tweaks :-)

Now that Electronic Arts have finally launched their FIFA 2008 Demo for PC, it’s time to download it and start to polish your FIFA gaming skills with some amazing fifa 2008 trucos.

After giving the FIFA 2008 demo an initial shot, I thought i should prepare a quick guide of the most important FIFA 2008 key board shortcuts. Luckily, a friend of mine referred me to these two cool and informative videos he found over at YouTube that summarize the most useful FIFA 08 tricks and short cuts as well as points out the keyboard keys you need to type in order to achieve them.

Fifa 2008 tricks tutorial part 1

Fifa 2008 tricks tutorial part 2

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Erm. This is for FIFA 2007.

  2. But they’ll work for FIFA 08 too. They’re not messing around too much with the basic mechanics of the game.

  3. 123456 says:

    yes these controls work for fifa 2008 too.But there r some more controls also in fifa 2008

  4. duialoko says:

    I’ve created this video and tried to do the tricks on FIFA 08 Demo.
    Most of the tricks work still the same way as FIFA 07.
    FIFA 08 has new tricks too and as soon as I learn it, I’ll post a new video.

  5. MIchael says:

    Hi can anyone tell me how to change fifa 08 movement controls

  6. Ronald says:

    yo i can’t do the shift button to start the tricks on 08.

  7. duialoko says:

    FIFA 08 for PC has no other dribbles or tricks beside those in the video!
    The new tricks you see in FIFA 08 videos just work on NEXT GEN consoles.
    Too bad!

  8. Ivan says:

    Hey.. where is the SHIFT button on joypad or how to change it on joypad ?

  9. GoaL says:

    Woot …Thnx Thnx…. xD
    No i got what i was searching so long …:D..TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTY!!!!!!!
    THAAAAANK YOU !!!!!!

  10. Thank you again for posting my video here Gili.
    If anyone has any doubt about the video, just make a new comment in the video page at youtube.

  11. The DoN says:

    Your a genius!!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  12. M_JAX says:

    hey thts cooooooooooollllllleeesssssssssssst………….thnnnzzz a looooot buddy

  13. Name says:


  14. m.laraib says:

    hey bro plz telll meeeeeeeeeeeee how to perform tricks with help of keyboard in written form plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guys

  15. man89 says:

    Can anyone tell me what is left analog stick on keyboard?

  16. Disturbed says:

    I have a 8 buttons joystick , how i can replace shift from this joystick

  17. Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

    Hi Bro,

    You are the man… Good work.. Absolutely good job… You must work with EA.. :)

  18. Gili says:

    He is good…
    Eduardo – any follow ups to this great video? 19K people have seen it here already…
    Happy new year,

  19. Nitin (India) says:

    Thanks very much for this video. You have done a wonderful job for all fifa fans across the world. I want a favour from you if possible. I have a dial up connection so i cannot view this video multiple time to make myself perfect. Neither can i download it due to youtube policy. So can you mail me the video on my mail address given above. Please send the video in some known format such as avi. or mpg. or wmv. or etc. and not .flv format of youtube.

  20. ghostbit says:

    The shortcut for Flip Flap is identically to Double Stepover…
    Which is which ???

  21. Ganesh says:


    The video doesnt exist anymore ?

  22. Gili says:

    I have updated the post with other videos we found.

  23. shantanu says:

    plz give me all tricks key like for dribbling, bicycle all of the trick key

  24. Omar says:

    hey i play fifa 2008 wid a key board how do i activate the stances like wing pay , counter attack, zone play etc!???? temme quick

  25. Ishtiaque says:

    could you please provide with all the keys in keyboard which is required to play FIFA 2008 along with the functions of those keys…i really need to know them all…please do let me know!

  26. KIRahman says:

    In be a pro co-op season how do you take over corner kicks from your friends or other players? it shows press 3, for example but no button works for it? Im confused.

  27. Sidewinder says:

    ┬┐como cambio de jugador durante el partido?? (fifa 08 para PC)

  28. Zorgu says:

    Can you point us to some FIFA 2011 tricks for PC? FIFA 2010 stuff might also be useful.

  29. Joy anto says:

    hey which is the shift key in joystick…………… it confuses me..

  30. which key is used for the 360 skills

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