Do we know anything about FIFA 12 scouting capabilities?

A look into the scouting feature in FIFA 12.

The following question was asked by a reader:

Will FIFA 12 have a scouting option? I have not played FIFA before and I want to know how the Manager Mode in it will be. Please give me a description of scouting.

Thank you for your question. FIFA 12 will indeed have Scouting in it. You will notice that it is available in the Manager mode for a long time now and we can only assume it will get better.

Scouting will include the following:

  • Selecting the region of scouting
  • Selecting the level of scouting (low, normal, high)
  • Scouting for a specific position
  • Assigning criteria such as age and player growth

You can also have a look at the best young players in FIFA 12, who will go on to become great players when you play the manager mode for several years.

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