How to remove your date of birth on Facebook?

Here’s a question from Lany,

I don’t want anyone, including my friends, to see my date of birth on Facebook. How can I hide it?

Thanks for the question, Lany. We must admit we are a bit surprised as to why you’d to hide your date of birth from your Facebook friends. Facebook is all about being social, and it can only be a good thing when your friends know your birthday. But yeah, you probably have your reason for this decision, and we will help you out on this.

  • Sign in to your Facebook profile, and go to Account –> Privacy Settings on the top right corner. Next, click on the Customize Settings link just below the sharing table.

hide birthday

  • Under Things I share, you will find the Birthday field. Hit the drop-down menu next to it, and choose the Customize option.

customize birthday setting

  • Under Make this visible to section, choose the Only Me option.

customize birthday setting

Hope that helps. Smile

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