How to hide Mutual Friends on Facebook profile and timeline?

Here’s a question from one of our readers:

Facebook recently changed their site design and I am looking to hide others from finding out mutual friends. How do I do this?

Thanks for the question. There is no way to just hide the mutual friends on Facebook, but you can hide your friends list – which will make sure that mutual friends aren’t revealed. Here’s how to do it.

  • Login to your Facebook account and click on ‘Account’ at the top right.
  • In the drop down menu that shows up now, choose ‘Privacy Settings’.

  • Click on ‘View Settings’ under ‘Connecting on Facebook’.

  • In the page that appears now, hit ‘Everyone’ (usually the default) parallel to ‘See your friend list’ and choose the appropriate setting you desire. If you are looking to hide it from everyone (including your beloved friends) choose Custom and then ‘Only Me’ under ‘These People’ in the ‘Custom Privacy’ menu.

Also, check out our post about hiding you friend list from others.
Good luck!

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