How to remove the music player on Tumblr?

Here is a question from one of our readers,

I find the embedded music players in Tumblr to be really annoying, and would love to hide them. How can I do it?

Thanks for the question. As far as we know, the official Tumble music players are very non-intrusive and on-demand only – they play only if you manually click the Play button. There are automatically playing music widgets available, of course, and they can be somewhat annoying. Here’s how to remove / disable Tumblr music players,

  • All music players use Adobe Flash, and can be easily disabled by using an extension like Flashblock for Firefox or Chrome. Flashblock disables all Flash elements by default, and loads only those that you click on. Once you have got Flashblock installed, simply stop clicking on annoying music widgets and browse in peace. Smile
  • If you want to hide the music players from your own Tumblelog, you can do so by tweaking some CSS code. Sign in to your dashboard, and go to [Your Tumblelog] –> Customize –> Theme –> Use Custom HTML. Look for {block:Audio} and enclose the entire block within <!–    –>.


Hope that it helps.

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