How to access Skype without installing it on your PC?

Here’s a question from one of our readers:

I need to use Skype without actually installing the program on my PC (i don’t have permission). How do I do it?

Thanks for the question. Feel free to use one of the following methods:

  • Use Web Messenger
  • Use Skype Portable

Use Web Messenger:

Skype IMO

Go to and hit the Skype icon. Then enter the credentials, you will now be taken to imo’s Skype interface. It doesn’t work as smooth as Skype’s desktop version, but there’s nothing to complain either! If you use one of those cloud OS like Jolicloud – this is the way to Skype!

Use Skype Portable:

Portable applications are a godsend for people who are not looking to install apps into their system. All you have is a .exe file and opening it gets you to Skype. No Registry entries are made and the best part is that they can be copied to your flash drive and used anywhere (including your settings and preferences). Download Skype Portable from

If you know of a better way to use Skype without actually installing it. Leave a comment below telling us how.

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