How to add a picture to your Facebook account?


How to Add a Profile picture to a Facebook account?


So you have your Facebook account all set up and now you want to add a profile picture. By following the few simple steps detailed in this post you have a Facebook profile picture in no time!

1. Log into your Facebook account.
2. Once inside the first page you are brought to is the “Home” page. From here you will need to click on the “Profile” link in the top left hand portion of the page.
3. Step three will bring you to your profile page and you will see a large box with a question mar in it. This is where your profile picture is supposed to. Under the question mark you will see a text link that says: “Upload a profile picture”, simply click this text.
4. You are now at the upload picture page. Click on the “Browse” button and a new window will open where you can find a picture on your computer.
5. Once you selected the right picture you will need to click the check box under the “Browse” button agreeing that you have the right to distribute the photo.
6. After that simply press the “Upload photo” button and you’re done!

Told you it would be easy. Now you can change your Facebook profile picture as often as you want to.

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  1. Topaz says:

    Hi, i was wondering if there was a way in which I can change the appearance of ny friends pictures on facebook?.

  2. Umair says:

    it is so much easy. my problem is solved. thankssssssssss

  3. RL says:

    How can I insert an animated gif onto my Facebook Wall? Whenever I try to use the appropriate HTML code, Facebook converts it to a link. I don’t want a link, I want the gif to be seen on my Wall.


  4. ola raul says:

    i need picture into my facebook

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