How to add and remove my profile picture on Orkut?


How to add and remove my profile photo on Orkut?


We all know that adding a photo in a profile always increases the possibility to increase the profile view. In that sense, adding photo in a profile has an important significance. To add photo in your profile, you must follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Orkut account.
  2. Click on edit profile link.
  3. Now click on the add photo link just below the blank image.
  4. Now click on browse button and locate the photo you want to upload as your profile photo.
  5. Select the photo and wait till it gets loaded to your profile.
  6. You may crop the photo if you wish or if you wish to keep it intact, you may select use original button.

As you can add photo to your profile, you are able to remove photo from your profile as well. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the edit profile link.
  2. Now look at the bottom of the photo already uploaded with your profile. There are two links ? one is change photo and the other one is remove photo.
  3. Click on the remove photo link. You will get an alert box saying, ?Are you sure? We liked your picture??
  4. Click on Ok if you are sure that you want to remove your profile photo.

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  1. steff says:

    how do you hide number of photo comments in your pics on myspace?

  2. natie says:

    yes got it thanx…

  3. ali says:

    how to remove a comment left by someone on orkut?

  4. Shiva says:

    Is it possible to disable orkut profile, if yes then how?


  5. aisha says:

    thanks this helped

  6. MANASA says:

    how to add the profile photo in orkut account

  7. Subhash says:

    Cheige orkut photo

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