How to change my Facebook picture?


How do I change my main Facebook picture?


Ready to have a new default picture? With Facebook’s simple design it only takes a few seconds. You can either choose a picture you already have uploaded to Facebook or one from your computer to use. Follow the directions below to quickly change your main picture.

1. Login to

2. Click the Edit tab beside of the Profile button (top).

3. Now click on the picture tab.

4. Click the browse button if you wish to select a current picture from you computer.

5. If you already have the picture on Facebook, click the link below Current picture.

6. Click on the picture you wish to use.

7. You will now see a larger version of the picture, scroll down and click ?Make profile picture.?

Confirm your selection by clicking yep!

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  1. Mel Me says:

    So how about something useful… like how to add your image if you didn’t do so when you started your account on Facebook? Why is it they don’t tell you to put you photo in right away or else you will never be able to put one in later. Facebook is worthless.

  2. Helen says:

    there is no Edit tab next to the Profile tab………

  3. ling lang says:

    Facebook is lame. Its so complicated why waste your time?

  4. tinho says:

    bom, eu tenho facebook inglês só! Vc poderia dizer como eu infelizmente faço para trocar de imagem no facebook de lingua inglês??? Esse aí é lingua Português!! 
    vc poderia??? Explica aqui nos comentários!

  5. discos says:

    What about changing my default picture on facebook mobile? I have an iPhone which i got on this last November 2010, and i am wondering how to change those settings.

  6. Durgis says:

    Will this help me also change my facebook thumbnail as well? I was wondering what are the settings i need to modify to get that done as well.

  7. Dina1990 says:

    I wanted to change my Facebook picture to the pink ribbon to promote breast cancer awareness. I did that on YouTube as well.

  8. airi says:

    In support for anti child abuse, lots of people have change their Facebook picture to a cartoon.

  9. Didi says:

    Does anyone know where i can find nice cartoons for my Facebook profile pic?

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