How to change the Yahoo messenger password ?

Two days ago, i provided a quick overview on how to change your MSN Messenger password, so today is Yahoo Messenger’s turn.

Note that when you change your Yahoo Messenger password, you will actually modify your Yahoo ID password. The Yahoo ID is used to login to all Yahoo services you subscribed to, such as: Mail, Photos, 360 Blogs, My Yahoo and Yahoo Business Services.

If you forgot the password for Yahoo messenger:

1. Open Yahoo Messenger, then click Forgot Your Password, then click Forget your ID or password? or alternatively go directly to the Yahoo ID Password Recovery page.

2. Fill you Yahoo ID and click on Continue.

3. Fill the required details at the Confirm your Identity section.

4. Click Get New Password.

5. Follow the provided instructions.

 If you remember your password and just want to change it:

1.  Login to your My Yahoo page.

2.  Click My Account.

3. If prompted, enter your current password.

4. Click Change Password.

5. Follow the provided instructions.

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  1. mv3gp says:

    nice to see the follow up post :)

  2. Raymond says:

    This is an awesome blog… I was trying to change mine a couple weeks ago… Very informational….

  3. miss t says:

    hey i just wanted to know how i could change my password for my yahoo messenger. not but the other messener

  4. Ashley says:

    Ok I know my password..all I want to do is change it..and I read what you put but I can’t find were it says my account.

  5. trif anca says:

    i want to change my password at messenger

  6. janice says:

    i konw my password…..and i want to change it…..i had read what u had put on how to change it but i can’t find where it says “My Account”.

  7. Neha says:

    thanx so much for d help

  8. muhammad nawaz says:

    my yahoo not sign in

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