How to change Windows Explorer default startup folder?

By default,when we start Windows Explorer (from the Programs || Accessories path), it opens showing the My Documents folder. What if we would like it to open at C:\ instead ?

  • Click Start || Programs || Accessories
  • Right–click Windows Explorer, and click Properties
  • Modify the Target field to read %SystemRoot%\Explorer.exe /root, C:\
  • Click OK

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  1. vasu says:

    iam asking about the space required to host a blog??like 100mb and so……how much is required?

  2. Garry Conn says:

    That is a really good Windows tip…. this site is full of them!

  3. Fuller says:

    Nice idea on the change of target, but it doesn’t work. My

    explore folder always opens up in the start menu for VISTA

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