How to delete a LinkedIn account?

You set up a LinkedIn account and created a profile in the past. Now, you want to get rid of it. Is it possible to delete a LinkedIn account?

A opposed to other social networks (such as MySpace for example), closing a LinkedIn account wasn’t that easy until not so long ago. Things have changed since then, and currently Linkedin is providing a simple procedure for you to close your account:

  1. Login to the account you want to close, then hit Accounts & Settings.
  2. Under Personal Info, hit Close your account
  3. Specify a reason and hit Continue.

Note that:

  • It might take up to 72 hours from the time you close it, until your LinkedIn profile will become un-viewable by your connections.
  • Even after closing it, your LinkedIn profile might still be viewable (at least for some time) in search engines.
  • If for some reason, you do close you account by mistake, you can still re-open it by contacting LinkedIn Customer Service.

Thanks to my readers who updated me of this change :-)

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  1. autospider says:

    never reg with LinkedIn.
    but thanks for your tip sharing anyway.

  2. DriverOne says:

    Thank you for this. Most helpful. Don’t understand why these guys won’t just let you go. Really, you should be able to check Account settings and there should be a simple button that let’s you delete. Facebook does.

    Thanks again,

  3. simona says:

    it is a mess for me! i seem to have a linkedin account but i dont remember username and password at all. also i cannot find their email address so i cannot write to them online. can you please help me out wiht this? please please – help me out give me hte address or let me know what to do.thanks a lot!!!

  4. Gili says:

    Email Customer service at :

    Let me know in case of issues,

  5. sc says:

    In a lot of ways it is better to make all the information on your account bogus instead of deleting it. This way the company will have to spend money getting rid of fake accounts, and in general the user experience for most people on the site will go down as well. Try making your profile into someone famous. I guarantee LinkedIn will delete the account of someone impersonating Tom Cruise much quicker than they will delete the account of someone who is boosting their numbers even though they don’t want to use the service.

  6. Tina says:

    i would like to quit forever and never ever want any kind of mail again!

  7. Steve says:

    If you can’t get a resolution from LinkedIn, I recommend you setup a yahoo or hotmail account. Then login and change all your information. Make sure to change the primary e-mail address to the “spam” account you make first. Next, delete your personal e-mail address and leave the “spam-bucket” e-mail address if you don’t want future spam coming to you.

  8. Pooj says:

    Incase you want to delete your linkdin account just login to your account and hit manage account option on the top right….get into the personal setting and just say close account….thats it!!!!!

  9. Nate says:

    Tried it and it worked, no need to contact customer service. Here’s the FAQ URL:

  10. RWD says:

    They’ve made it easier to close an account:
    Go to account settings at the top right of the home page (when you’re logged in)
    Under “Personal Information” click “Close your account”
    It will ask for a reason, click and finish.

  11. Tergus says:

    I agree with RWD. Now it is easier to drop a Linkedin account. It's time that social networks understand that from the end user perspective, it should be as easier to close , cancel or reactivate  an account as it is the create or udpate one.

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