How to delete my hotmail account?


I have free email accounts with all popular email services (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc’). Few days ago i decided to delete my Hotmail account. Can you propose a quick and easy way to have my MSN account perpetually cancelled?


I am certainly all for using no more that one free email account as per your choice (and make sure you backup your email data periodically by using an email desktop client like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird). A few months ago, I have written a detailed post on how to delete an MSN account. Please use the information i provided there in order to delete your Hotmail account. Good Luck.

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  1. jassi says:

    i do not like msn

  2. kaasy says:

    i didnt like my msn cuz peple knew my password and i did not like it at all cuz people were talkin to my contacts and checking my mail and i didnt like it at all. One of my friend knew my password then she told 2 more of my friends.

  3. sweety says:

    please My yahoo id Delete Permenently

  4. walter says:

    i would like to delete an old hotmail account tried a few things but nothing worked so far hope you can help.

  5. wade says:

    would like my yahoo id deleted thank you

  6. Tyra says:

    tellme how todelete my hotmail!

  7. timothy perkins says:

    i want all msn and hot mail accounts in my name deleted

  8. i don like i dont have anything intersting,

  9. keti says:

    block this email and delete from hotmail account

  10. Aimee says:

    someone has hacked into my msn account and sed some really nasty things to people on my contact list. How do i delete this acount?

  11. I dont want my hotmail account anymore,

    I want to delete in a week

  12. sonia says:

    i want to delete my msn account

  13. Katie says:

    I want to delete my hotmail account but i dont know how please help!

  14. radera ett msn konto says:

    so what we can do….just sit and wait 3o days to an old account are inactive…BUT STILL THERE!

    I have tried to remove messenger, but I think I downloaded it back to fast. remove messenger from your computer/programs, wait some days, put it back, and hopefully you will only have one in-log option left!!

    But how to remove an account totally seams like a mystery to me.

  15. Douangmala says:

    i want close my msn mail now

  16. Lara says:

    to close your hotmail or live account, click on the account option at the bottom of the page……….. and thn ther will be steps to be followed………
    thn ther will be your email address written and below tht you will have to write your password, below tht ther will be a question “did u forget your password?”
    options will be yes or no.
    type yout password and click yes.
    then they l say tht u cannot delete ths account bcoz ther is an microsoft account linked with ths account…….
    ther vl be a underlined statement in end “Close my microsoft account”
    click on it and ur account vl be deleted……………

  17. sami says:

    hi delete my account because i don’t like my live account

  18. iris says:

    i want my msn delete because a friend make me one and a hate him so much please delete all of us please………..

  19. shadow says:

    I want to delete
    my hotmail on msn

  20. kyle tootiak says:

    i think someone broke my password i want to delet every thing all of it!!!

  21. Kristina says:

    i was hacked and all my friends are recieving stupid emails for money, how do i delete this account without needing the password??

  22. george reese says:

    Please delete my live email address as I do not like it or use it. I have a different email account.

  23. victoria says:

    I want to delete my live account but i dont know how please help!

  24. G M Syedul Hoq says:

    i want to delete permanently my account?

  25. karla says:

    I want to unable my hot mail account can you help me please!

  26. I want to eliminate my hotmail account. I don’t use it and it’s dead anyway, but when I try to sign in it still show’s up as an alternative email address even though it’s dead. I want to stay with yahoo. Do not change anything on Yahoo; Just please remove Hotmail. I have no hard feelings for hotmail, but I don’t use it…”Thanks”…”Scott”

  27. Sana says:

    I want to delete my account because I have an other account

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