How to close a PayPal account?

Here’s a question from Andrea:

I closed my home business for babies supplies and would like to delete my PayPal account. Can you please tell me how?

Thanks for the question, Andrea. Deleting a PayPal account isn’t obvious when you log on and take a look at the options available. In this post, we’ll guide you through the entire process.

Step ONE:

Withdraw all the money to the bank account connected to your PayPal  account or use up the money on shopping things you’ll need. Wait till the transactions get over and your PayPal account balance becomes ZERO.

This is IMPORTANT. If you don’t withdraw or use up your money, you are simply giving it up to PayPal.

P.S. In some countries, it takes a week or so to transfer the money to the bank – if that’s your case, wait for a week to delete the account.

Step TWO:
After the account balance reaches to ZERO you can delete the account without any issues.

PayPal 1 Profile

  • Login to your PayPal account and click on Profile from your dashboard.

PayPal 2 Account Settings

  • Now, choose My account settings from the profile page.

PayPal 3 Close Account

  • Now, click on Close Account in the Account Settings page.

PayPal will ask for confirmation and you’ll just have to say yes and follow the instructions. After a while, your account will be deleted.

Good luck!

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