How to save Gmail emails to my hard disk?

Here’s one from Ralf:

“I use GMail for pretty much everything: managing my contacts, tasks and to do lists, storing notes, access Google Buzz and of course emails”. My question today is how to simply save my Gmail emails (i use around 5 GB of my Google account quota) to my personal computer”

My take:

I also use Gmail quite extensively and rely on it as my personal email tool of choice. Gmail stores my email and contacts  “in the cloud”, making it readily available for me to access while on the move. That said, web email accounts are available when online, so i always prefer to carry an offline copy of my inbox for accessing it while offline and also for backup purposes. I also regularily backup Google Calendar and also export and backup Google Docs.

My backup tool of choice for Gmail is Gmail Backup. It allows me to export my Gmail messages (including their attachments) and save themon my hard drive. Great value for free.

Usage is pretty simple:

  • Download Gmail Backup and install it on your PC.
  • Make sure that you have enough room in your PC hard disk to store your Gmail mailbox. I would say that for most of us 5GB should be just fine.
  • Enter your Gmail login and password and specify the folder on your PC which you will use for saving your messages.
  • Specify a period of time you would like to backup or check Newest Email only for an incremental backup (Cool!).
  • Hit Backup.


  • Note that you can also restore items to your Gmail mailbox.
  • If you navigate to your backup folder you’ll notice that your messages and attachments were exported as email items which can be opened using any email client (Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird for example).

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