How to make custom keyboard controls in FIFA 12?

Here’s a question from one of our readers :

I can find that the option for changing the keyboard controls in the config file has been scrapped off in the demo version of FIFA 12 and most probably it will be the same in the full version too. So how do I get to change the keyboard controls? I feel the default controls terribly irritating. Please help me out.

Thanks for the question. Well yeah, I go with you. Indeed, trying the new FIFA 2012 demo with the default controls was so irritating until I figured out how to change. Here’s how you go about it :

  • Launch the FIFA 12 game.
  • From the main menu select the Exhibition match option.
  • Select teams and proceed on to the next menu.
  • In the subsequent menu, select the controller option.
  • Now press the RT button at the top to toggle to the keyboard controls.
  • Customize it as you wish and then start playing.
  • All done. Now you have configured your own keyboard controls.

Keyboard controls

Coming to the controls, the above screenshot shows how I have customized it for myself. I always find it easy to have space for sprint as it gives more scope for us to use other keys as well. But if you are ok with using E for sprint, then you can very well go ahead. The rest of the controls are exactly the same I suppose( Traditional FIFA keyboard controls).

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