How to modify your Yahoo Messenger Sounds ?

I have been a long time with Yahoo Messenger. Lately i have been asked by a colleague about an easy way to modify her Yahoo Messenger sounds, and today i would like to share the answer with you :).

Many Yahoo Messenger (YM) users doesn’t seem to be aware that they can use any *.wav file as a their preferred YM sound. However, based on previous experience, finding a nice free *.wav file can be challenging.  Therefore i prepared the following list of useful web sites from which you can download a free *.wav sound file that you can later use with YM. So here we go:

So, How to change your YM sounds?

  • Find a *.wav file in one of the aforementioned websites.
  • Download the file to any folder in your computer.
  • Open Yahoo Messenger.
  • Click Messenger then Preferences
  • Navigate to the Alerts & Sounds tab

  • Yahoo Messenger (unlike AIM and other messengers), gives you the possibility to specify a sound for a variety of events (contact comes online, goes offline etc’).
  • Highlight the event you’ll like to change the alert sound for
  • Click the browse button and navigate to the *.wav file you have downloaded, select the file and click Open.
  • Repeat the last two steps for the required events
  • Once you are done, click Apply.



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  1. Vijay says:

    Now-a-days, I’ve been fed up of extra installations for messengers and stuff. So I simply stick with Meebo for all my chatting needs. I find YIM to be a bit heavy..

  2. Gili says:

    Meebo is a good message unifier, also Trillian is not bad. However my personal favorites are Google Talk and Yahoo (despite its relatively slow startup)

  3. Internet Tv says:

    i use aim.. you could write a tutorial about that :)

  4. knight17 says:

    Now, I am always on mIRC, so no Yahoo! messenger. I will try these when I install them again. Nice list of sites :)

  5. Vijay says:

    I had a lot of difficulty with AIM actually.. The mail area took eternity to load and it was really difficult finding a screen name as well.. I quit it the same day

  6. Anand says:


    So far so good. Just ran into one problem. I added the wav file, but unfortunately i am not able to turn it off when I dont need it.

    Ex. To buzz I added a wave file running for about 2 minutes in length. When somebody buzzes me, it starts playing. How do i turn it off when it is being played.

    Hope to get a solution.


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