How to password protect your Excel 2007 spreadsheet ?

Imagine that after working the entire day on a glorious spreadsheet that will be the talk of the day, you decide to save it in a network drive. On the next morning you discover that one of you colleagues reviewed the spreadsheet and unintentionally messed up some of your formulas…

You can easily avoid those situation by password protecting your spreadsheets. As almost everything related to Office 2007, password protecting is easy but very different than in previous versions.

Here is the quick process:

  1. Create your Excel 2007 spreadsheet.
  2. Click the Microsoft Office Icon.
  3. Click Save As and pick Excel Workbook.
  4. Click the Tools button (in the lower left side of the Save as prompt).
  5. Click General Options.
  6. Set a password to open and modify your spreadsheet.
  7. Click OK and reenter your password.

Note: If you lose or forget your password you won’t be able to recover it. Make sure that you keep the password in a safe place.

A similar procedure applies to other Office 2007 documents such as PowerPoint presentations and  Word documents.

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  1. Vaibhav says:

    It is required for every file to be paswd protected. Thanx for the Tip

  2. Gili says:

    No probs, thanks for visiting.

  3. V says:

    Thank you!

  4. Shani says:

    Is is possible to enable password on tabs within the spreadsheet? Also, is this still possible if the sheet will be published on Web page?

  5. arun says:

    great help , THANKS

  6. balvir says:

    i have old password but i want to change mu password in excel 2007 file

  7. Sonya says:


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