How to Remove myself from other person’s circles?

Here is an interesting question posted by one of our viewers.

I’m currently present in many other people’s circles and I have nothing to do with them. Kindly¬† help me avoiding any updates on my stream from that individual.

Now, there is no clear cut answer for this unlike the procedure to untag yourself from other’s photos. But, you can do certain things which will bring about similar results.

First off, you can mute status updates from that person, or you can get yourself removed from a circle by blocking the person who circled you. Let’s explore the second option.

  • Log into Google plus and go to the circles tab.
  • Choose “People who’ve added you” tab on the top.
  • The resulting window will show you the people who have circled you.

  • Now, go to the profile of the person from whose circle you want to relieve yourself.
  • Scroll down and on the left corner you will see an option called “Block ‘person name’
  • Click that and it will prompt an message. Click ok and you will see that you are removed from that person’s profile.

There is a disadvantage of doing this. If you block a person from your circle, you will not be able to have any kind of contact with him. So, make sure that you are certain about your decision before doing it.


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