How to sign up for a new Facebook account?

So you have decided to join another over billion users (2013 figures) and get started with Facebook? This post will help you to set up your new Facebook account as well as guide you through the most common issues and errors you might encounter when joining Facebook from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Signing up with Facebook from your desktop or laptop:

  • Start by pointing your browser to
  • At the right hand side your screen , you’ll find a form consisting of the initial information required to open up your Facebook page. Make sure to provide your primary e-mail address, as your account confirmation as well as other notifications from Facebook will be sent to that mailbox.

  • Hit the green “Sign Up”button  on it.
  • On the next page you’ll need to fill in the security check and click the “Sign up” button.

  • At this point, Facebook will send a confirmation email to the account you have used for registering . In order to access your Facebook account for the first time you will simply need to visit you mailbox, hit the activation link on that email and then you should be ready to sign into your new Facebook account.

Common Facebook sign up issues and how to solve them? (updated December 2013)

Here are the common hiccups encountered by our readers when trying to create or validate a Facebook account:

  • You already have a Facebook account:Many people forget that once upon a time already set up an account with Facebook. Trying to sign up with a similar email address fires an error from Facebook. To solve this, all you’ll need to do is to recover your Facebook password.
  • You didn’t receive the Facebook account confirmation email: Although the sign up process was successful, you didn’t receive a confirmation message. In most cases this is caused by a spam filter you have in place with your email provider. Go to your inbox and look for the confirmation letter from FB in your junk email folder.
  • Facebook doesn’t accept either your Name or email address: Perhaps you tried to use a nickname as your First name or your email address format is sort of generic. Example: admin at your company dot com. To solve this, simply use your real name and or a different email address.

Encountered other Facebook login issues? Feel free to let us know.

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  1. Facebook_SOS says:


    Thanks for the help!!

    The only problem is that i haven’t recieved the confirmation email. I signed up yesterday but no email yet.

    Will I recieve it tomorrow? Please help me!

    Thanks, Facebook_SOS

  2. I have tried to make an account and because my wife has one already it goes straight to her account. It won’t let me create a new one.

  3. Hey Thank you but i haven’t received my face book confirmination number either i really really want to start on my facebook but i cant beacause of this problem please please help ineed help to start it admeditly Thanks Shantira Randall

  4. i want to make account

  5. Yohan_Persib says:

    How to chat facebook on blackberry…???

  6. atena says:

    hi i was making a facebook for my nan and i put the rong date of birth and knw it wont let me make my facebook it so anoying and my nan is going soon so i need to make hers today or tomz and please right bk thanx

  7. Marylyza says:

    I want to make account

  8. dominique says:

    Won’t allow me to change my e mail address…

  9. alessia says:

    I want to make a facebook account so i just log in on http://www.facebook .com.

    I press the button sing up and then I filled my name suraname ecc.

    But the computer said to me ‘sorry but you are ineligible to sing up for facebook.
    What should I do?

  10. queencya says:

    please help me to get in facebook

  11. bad says:

    the name contains too many periods? hw can i create my facebook account

  12. Arjun says:

    I didnt get the verification code.

  13. marilyn says:

    hi my name is marilyn i would like to open my facebook account.

  14. marilyn says:

    I like to have face book account open please thankyou

  15. wimukthibw says:

    i like to sign up to facebook for chat my friends

  16. wimukthibw says:

    please help Me to sign upto facebook

  17. mujeeb says:

    i want make new account

  18. ashy says:

    i want creat facebook account

  19. linda says:

    hi i want to join facebook.

  20. Diana Jean O'brien says:

    how does my friend make a new account but with the same address

  21. taiyeba ahmed says:

    i opened my facebook account yesterday.but can not send any massege to anybody.why?they say my account yet not confermed,why?pls solve my problem.

  22. cynthya says:

    please help me to join in the facebook

  23. cynthya says:

    hii ppl!!!!! how to create facebook accounts???

  24. jaan says:

    hi frndz i want to creat facebook account. plz help me wht i do

  25. rafi says:

    hi i want to create new facebook account how can i?

  26. fe says:

    i was already register at facebook, but after 1week whene i was going to open it i can´t open because they said that there´s a promble in my password… i really dont know what i´am going to do ???? help !!!!!!!!!11

  27. fe says:

    help me how to register in facebook….

    because all the tame that i was sign in, in facebook i can´t open my account ??? how thats happen ??? help !!!!

  28. maryam says:

    i want to creat facebook acconate

  29. Daniel says:

    Why do you have to do so meny things to make a new facebook account.

  30. gabriel says:

    please help me to sighn up for facebook

  31. RIYAS.K.A says:

    help me how to register in facebook…

  32. please help me to join facebok.

  33. Ellie says:

    I love facebook it is really easy to use and is also really easy to sign up for. If your looking to make an acount on face book as i said its really easy to use.

  34. jahnavi says:

    i want new face book account

  35. miz dudu says:

    how to make an account?

  36. M_Hussain34 says:

    plzzzzzzz created my face book id plzzzzzzzz

  37. Rupesh says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiii friends………….

  38. prashant says:

    i want to make an account in facebook

  39. irshad says:

    I have account in face boook. but that is not confirm. what can i do.

  40. sarika says:

    how to make an account?

  41. joselito baful says:

    i was already register at facebook but the only problem is i havent recieve my confirmation code what can i do? someone help me out there!!!!!!!

  42. ria says:

    thanx for d help

  43. Divya Vats says:

    i want to create an account on facebook plz help me or create an account for me on facebook

  44. i already tried to make a email but i do not know how to make it, please give me a full instuctions to make a acount

  45. nawaz uchil says:

    i have to create my account what can ido

  46. kabu says:

    help me .pls tell me how te crate an account

  47. shakila says:

    i enter my  facebook password correctly but computer says its not correct .what can i do?

  48. navtej says:

    can u help me to create an account on facebook please.

  49. edward says:

    i want to sign up for a facebook account but it goes to my wifes account. we have the same email address how can i sign up

  50. Smino says:

    I’ve created an account and verified code but i hvnt got confirmation code

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