How to stop people from commenting on your wall?

This was the question which was asked by a reader:

Is there a way for me to disable comments from my posts? I have been looking to do it but I can’t find it. How can I prevent people from commenting on my posts and wall? Please help me out

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, there is not a simple way to disable comments on your posts in Facebook. But there are ways to work around this:

  1. Setting Visibility for Post – By using the lock icon near your status update, you can change the visibility of your post and make sure it’s not available to everyone.
  2. Changing Privacy Settings – You can change your privacy settings and let only friends post on your wall and stay away from people who keep spamming.
  3. Blocking the person – If the person is still really irritating with his comments, you can block the person and have nothing to do with them.

A lot of discussion has been raised over the option to let people disable comments. When it is available, we will surely let you know about it.

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