How to display public or national holidays in your Outlook calendar?

One of the key things you might want to be aware when working with people from other countries is their public holiday calendar. Being aware of other people holidays is helpful in two aspects: from the planning perspective, it allows you to work out realistic timetables and from the social perspective, it helps you to strengthen your relationships by sending brief greeting messages when appropriate.

Ok, so let’s now learn how could you embed national or foreign holidays into your Outlook calendar:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook.
  • From the main menu bar hit on File.
  • Now select Options.
  • Select the Calendar tab.
  • Scroll a bit down until you notice the Add Holidays button.
  • Hit that button, you’ll now see a list of countries which public days off you can add to your calendar.

  • Select the relevant countries in which your colleagues or business partners live.
  • Hit OK.
  • The national holidays will be immediately populated into your Outlook calendar.

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