How to insert a Visio drawing into a Powerpoint pptx file?

When working on a PowerPoint presentation you are sometimes required to embed diagrams (for example organization charts, network architectures) which you have created using Microsoft Visio.

Adding a diagram to a presentation is not complicated, and can be achieved using a few simple steps:

  • Open your .ppt or .pptx file and insert a new slide into it.
  • Hit Insert and then select Object.
  • Now you should select whether to create a new file or embed an existing object.

Creating a new diagram:

  • If you want to create a new diagram, simple select Microsoft Visio from the object types menu.
  • Then select a drawing template. We recommend that you’ll try to find a suitable template in the template library (or search for templates online) as this will save you time when developing your diagram.


Embedding an existing Visio file:

  • If you already have your Visio diagram ready (in the form of a vsd file), you might select Create from file and point to the file you want to embed in your computer.


It’s worth noting that you can use the same procedure to embed pictures, rich media (for example – videos), equations, other PowerPoint, word or excel files.

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