How to add a word count in Office 2013?

There are many situations where you might need to insert the word count in your document. For example, when you need to send submit a paper at school or an article to a publication, you might be required to include the word count. In such cases, you need not go browse for a word counter in the web, copy text, get the count and enter it in your document. Word 2013 provides an easy way to insert the number of words in a page in a single click:

  • Open your doc.
  • Under the Insert menu, select the Quick Parts drop down on your right and select Field.


  • In the dialog box that opens, select Document Information under Categories and NumWords under Field names.


  • Select a format and click on OK and that inserts the word count in your document.

More tips:

  • Note that also as you write your document you can display the words number.
  • Check the Preserve formatting during updates so that the format you choose is preserved and applied when you update the word count.

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