How to create custom forms in Outlook 2013?

If you are a heavy Outlook user, you might want to take advantage of customize forms which allows you to capture manage additional information related to email messages, meetings, contacts, tasks and so forth.

Today, I would like to cover the basics of Outlook forms creation with Office 2013. My task will be to add an additional tab to the Task object, which I will use to capture  Task Status information.

Before you get started with your customization efforts, make sure you have enabled your developer tab in the Ribbon.

  • Now hit on Developer and then select Design a form.
  • Select Task and hit Open.
  • Now hit the tab named (P.2) (as shown below). This will be your Form Region, which you’ll customize according to your need.

  • Using the Field Chooser, add fields to your custom form. Note that on top of the available fields, you are free to define new custom form fields as well as add controls (check boxes, combo boxes, labes etc’) as needed. You are able to set properties for each of your fields, for example making some of the fields in your form mandatory.
  • Once ready, rename your Form Region by navigating to the Form section in the Ribbon and hitting  Page and then Rename Page.
  • Next, go ahead and save your form.
  • Before publishing your form, hit  Run This Form (also in the Form section) to preview its look and feel. You’ll notice the new Status button added to your Task Ribbon. Modify your form layout as needed.

  • Your last action will be to publish your Form and make it available to use. Go ahead and hit Publish, select Publish Form, provide your form a meaningful name and publish it for usage.

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