7 Tips to get used to new Facebook profiles

Facebook has introduced a slew of new features and from the looks of it, it’s pretty intimidating for a lot of users. But, with enough time and information everyone will be able to make the most out of it. Without much ado, let us take a look at some tips that will help you get started with all the new Facebook changes.

1. Get Your Basics Right:

To get your basics right, go through Facebook’s introduction guide and understand how everything works. Also, read up the useful tips that we wrote back in April and an introduction and guide to get on with some recent changes on Facebook.

2. Hide Ticker If You Didn’t Like It:

The Ticker is the newest feature on Facebook and was rolled out starting October 2011. All it does is notify you about your friends activity on Facebook in real-time. Of course, this could be information overload if you have thousands of friends in which case you can always hide it. Here’s how:

Although there is no official way to turn of the Facebook ticker, developers have gotten their hands dirty and have come up with browser extensions and scripts to get the job done. Just follow the instructions for your browser.

Google Chrome:

Install “Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker” extension and reload Facebook. That is all.

Mozilla Firefox:

The Better Facebook! add-on brings in a lot of improvements for Facebook and one among them is the ability to hide the ticker. If you find this difficult, simply get the GreaseMonkey add-on and install this userscript. If you don’t know about what userscripts are, read this article.


Opera supports userscripts and the one recommended for Firefox users should work.

3. Get The New Timeline Profile:

Facebook introduced a new Timeline profile recently. It’s opt-in only for developers right now and you probably won’t be seeing anything new otherwise. If you’d like to become an early adopter yourself just read up and follow these steps mentioned by All Facebook.

4. Add Life Experiences:

Life Experiences

If you had noticed, you can add everything about you in your Timeline, beginning from your birth and various other milestones in your life – like learning a new language, getting into a relationship, first drink, etc. Fill up as much as possible within your comfort level.

5. Choose A Profile Cover:

Timeline lets you have a profile cover (displaying a good photo from your albums). If you don’t have one, click on the top above your profile picture and add something that looks good. This is one of the main reasons why I started loving Timeline!

6. Hide Something From Your Timeline:

Hide from Timeline

Got something that you are looking to hide from the timeline? All you need to do is click near the top-right of the post (like shown in the screenshot) and choose ‘Hide from Timeline’. That is all.

7. Feature A Post:


If you have a status message/link that you are looking to feature, here’s how you have to do that. Click on the ‘star’ at the top right of the post you are looking to share and it’ll be featured full-length, like the one in the image.

Those are some tips I could think about. If you’ve been using Facebook Timeline or pretty much any new feature on Facebook, let us know some tips that you discovered along the way!

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