When will PES 2013 release for Android?

The other day, one of our subscribers came up with the following question :

When I find myself free, I usually play Pro Evolution Soccer on my mobile phone. I like it and it’s pretty cool except for some minor drawbacks and I am already craving about the next version. I believe you guys can provide me with an estimated release date. I am so curious about it.

Thanks for the question. Well, it’s true that a lot of Android users are playing PES in their mobiles as its a light-weight version of the PC game and it gives almost the same experience.

PES 2013 for Android

Some major flaws that were pointed out  with PES 2012 were the lack of multiplayer support and the absence of a career mode. Both of them are expected to be introduced in the upcoming version. By the way, multiplayer support was there in the equivalent PES 2012 for iOS. So its quite confirmed that PES 2013 will have multiplayer support either through a Bluetooth or a Wifi connection.

Meanwhile, initial rumors suggest that PES 2013 for Android will first be available for the Sony Move which has playstation support. The expected PES 2013 for Android release date would be around November 9th.

Stay tuned for more updates on Pro Evolution 2013 availability for the Android OS. We will let you know as soon as an official announcement is made.

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