How do I customize my Pinterest background theme?

A couple of readers approached us lately about how to go about customizing their Pinterest layout by setting a custom background color in a similar fashion to the few workarounds we use to personalize Facebook profiles.

Customizing websites background color is usually done through browser extensions, usually built for Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

Today we will leverage the Change Colors extension for Chrome to customize the background of Pinterest. It’s important to note, that this tweak will work only on your PC, others won’t be able to visualize your changed Pinterest profile.

  • First off, make sure that Chrome is installed on your PC. It’s anyway a good idea to use it.
  • Now install the Change Colors extension, by hitting the Add to Chrome button.
  • Back in the browser you’ll note the Change Colors extension icon at the right hand side of your web address bar.
  • Make a right click on the icon and select Options.
  • Now create yourself a background theme by selecting a background and text color. At this point, you are able to define a single custom theme, would be nice to be able to customize multiple themes for different sites.
  • Now it’s time to apply your custom theme to Pinterest. You do that by making a left click on the icon and select Apply override on this domain. Note that you are able also to change the look and feel of specific pages.

More Tips:

  • Removing the Change Colors extension is simple. Just make a right click on the icon and select Remove.

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