How to post pictures on Facebook comments?

The other day, a reader sent me a note the other date asking how to put  pictures or videos on Facebook comments.

Posting photos videos  in Facebook wall status updates and comments is a great way to communicate with others, and from what we see on Facebook and hear from readers it is becoming increasingly popular.

Posting pictures into Facebook comments or status updates

The way to post a pic is simple, all you’ll need to do is first to grab the picture URL. First find your pic, which can be located in a Facebook album, stored in your preferred image hosting account such as Flickr for instance or easily found via search engines.

Once you have found for your image for Facebook, right click it and hit Copy image URL (If that’s not available, you might need to download the picture to your personal computer first, then upload to Facebook, Flickr or alike and use it from there).

Now login to Facebook and paste the link in your comment or status update. You are all set!

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