How to hide requests from apps and games on Facebook?

Here’s a question from one of our readers:

How can I get rid of the nosy application and friend requests I get in Facebook? For example – FarmVille, Mafia Wars, Birthday Calendar etc.

Thank you for your question. App requests are an integral part of Facebook. Recently, they made it in a way that they do not pop-up all the time. However, if want to get rid of them, this is how:

Facebook App Requests

  • Login to Facebook
  • Find and hit the App Requests link on the left hand side in above the People Online section
  • Find the application and press the “x” button next to a particular request
  • Choose either Ignore <appname> or Ignore requests from <username>
  • Do the same until you have removed all of the unwanted requests

You can do the same for Game Requests as well by doing the same from the side bar.

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  1. kath burnett says:

    i have tried all above but they are still there have been for 3 days now im up to 93 requests its taking up all my page. ive tried refreshing page refreshing game by game and deleting each item ive clicked on x by the side of every request and they are still there plz if there is anything more i can do i would appreciate your help thank you.

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